Cult Trax - 電子郵件 在下拉菜單中選擇您的語言和當地貨幣。我們在全球範圍內發貨。
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    Cult Trax - 電子郵件 在下拉菜單中選擇您的語言和當地貨幣。我們在全球範圍內發貨。
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    We ship tracked worldwide from Sydney, Australia in the cheapest, most secure way possible via Australia Post. Shipping prices are exact. No profit is made off shipping costs by us, that's just what it costs, promise. Will combine shipping. cost of shipping is same for 2 records as it is for 1, so you can save money that way if you so choose. Two Cult Trax records work out to weigh less than 500g, so it's in the same weight category. ALL PRICES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS AUS$ use for conversion rate. Australian dollars are usually worth considerably less than US$, Euro, GBP, Yen etc. So it works out cheaper in your local currency outside of Australia. This is the only shipping method we're willing to use. It's cheap AND reliable with tracking. We will not ship without tracking (it's not much cheaper anyway). Records are sent out quickly in secure sturdy mailers with no need to worry about creases (obviously ;) ).